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REAL IS A FEELING – Meine neuen Kalender für 2021 sind da!

21. September 2020

Jetzt sind sie offiziell da, meine Kalender für 2021. Letzte Woche gab es schon einen kleinen Launch und die Kalender waren ratzfatz weg. Ich freue mich natürlich immer, wenn euch die Dinge, die ich ins Leben rufe, gefallen. Wie immer gibt es nur eine kleine Auflage, da ich sie selbst verlege und tatsächlich auch verpacke und versende. Hinter mir steckt kein Team, ich mache immer noch alles selbst,…

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Die Ocean Mat von Southern Shores – Nachhaltig und Zero Waste

9. September 2020

Anzeige Ich habe seit ein paar Monaten eine neue Yogamatte. Das klingt jetzt nicht wirklich aufregend, aber sie ist die allerbeste, die ich je hatte. Kein Witz! So etwas würde ich nicht leichtfertig in die Welt posaunen. Meine alte Yogamatte fiel schon dermaßen auseinander, dass ich sie entsorgen musste, konnte mich jedoch erst einmal nicht für eine neue erwärmen. Ich lieh ich mir also für die Übergangszeit die ausgefranste…

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Interview // Guru Jagat: “Kundalini Yoga is for everybody!” + Raffle

3. April 2018

I first heard about Guru Jagat a few years ago at Make Yourself Move. Undine was really into her, and when I saw Guru Jagat soon after this at a workshop in Berlin, I was struck by her incredible size. Not her physical size, rather her aura. It was quite impressive. I’ve been practicing Kundalini Yoga with Guru Jagat via her online portal Ra Ma TV almost daily this…

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Join me at the 14th annual Yoga Conference in Cologne + raffle

21. Februar 2018

I’ll be dashing over to this year’s Yoga Conference Germany in Cologne again and am already looking forward to it. Last year, it was a blast – I got to see so many familiar faces, meet new people and enjoy great conversations. This year’s progam is particularly interesting to me, as my friend Christina Lobe (Anusara Yoga) and other inspiring women like Rita Keller (Iyengar Yoga), Lucie Beyer…


An interview with Laura Malina Seiler „My Why is larger than my Self“

19. November 2017

I remember the day clearly, when Laura Malina Seiler sat me down over a delicious meal in Berlin-Mitte to tell me about her new venture. She was planning a podcast with the intent of motivating listeners to lead a fulfilled and peaceful life. It was to be called Happy, holy, confident. Laura had grand plans, a lofty vision. I love it when people live their dreams and powerfully…

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Karmalove Yoga blanket “Savasana”// Relax and do good! + Raffle

16. Oktober 2017

Remember those sweet scarves from Karmalove that I wrote about a while back? I always carry one with me – during Yoga practice, while traveling or meditating. I have two of them, and they both still look brand new – couldn’t live without ‘em. Now, Karmalove has produced gorgeous Yoga blankets. I’m wrapped in one as I write this and am totally in love. They’re super high quality and…


5 reasons every woman should use a menstrual cup

12. September 2017

They’ve been around for a while now, these menstrual cups. Kind of an awkward name, but I’m all about being straight about these sorts of things. Last year, a reader asked me to write something on this topic. I wrinkled my nose a little and wrote back, saying that I’d keep it in mind. But I couldn’t really see it on my blog, to be honest. In retrospect, I…