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Karmalove Yoga blanket „Savasana“// Relax and do good! + Raffle

16. Oktober 2017

Remember those sweet scarves from Karmalove that I wrote about a while back? I always carry one with me – during Yoga practice, while traveling or meditating. I have two of them, and they both still look brand new – couldn’t live without ‘em. Now, Karmalove has produced gorgeous Yoga blankets. I’m wrapped in one as I write this and am totally in love. They’re super high quality and a perfect size. I take mine to the studio every day – I prefer to bring my own blanket for practice, it’s sort of a thing for me.


The same way I enjoy practicing on my own mat, I need my own blanket or cloth in order to really let go in savasana at the end of class. Energetically (and hygienically) I’m not so into wrapping myself up in a blanket that 20 other sweaty post-yoga-bodies have been wrapped in before me. Understandable, right?

yoga_blanket_karmaloveBuy a yoga blanket and do good

Karmalove’s new blankets are produced using the highest standards – they’re ecologically sound, fair and handmade using 100% cotton. For every blanket sold, two book bags full of school supplies are donated to hamromaya Nepal e.V. in order to help children in need. 100% of this donation is used to support the organization, nothing is lost on bureaucratic or administrative costs. Everyone in this collective volunteers to improve the lives of disadvantaged children in Nepal, providing them with a brighter future.


Karmalove has made it a goal to provide 500 such book bags by the end of 2017. I think this is a wonderful idea, and we can all help by choosing to wish for a beautiful Yoga blanket that brings sustainable joy to the world, rather than the 10th pair of leggings for Christmas.


Do you want to win one of these lovely blankets? Then leave a comment under the facebook post corresponding to the article. And, of course, specify which blanket you want! On October 20th at 8pm I’ll randomly select three winners from there. Good luck! Recourse to legal action is excluded!


P.S. Raffle only valid in Europe!



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Madhavi Guemoes
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