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Tarotgram April // Neu ausrichten

4. April 2020

Ich musste ein wenig nachdenken, wie ich das Tarotgram in dieser kraftvollen Zeit ein klein bisschen anders ausrichte und meine Interpretation auf die momentane Situation anpasse. Meine Karten waren dann ein wenig muksch und wollten mit mir so gar nicht kommunizieren, das war frustrierend. Aber wir haben uns geeinigt und jetzt ist das Tarotgram für April da! Es ist eine sehr tiefe, bewegende Zeit, die wir nutzen können,…


Soul Board – the somewhat different Vision Board

22. Februar 2018

My first vision board was made with images of Biene Maja and Willi – German children’s cartoon characters – and I remember it well. What I can’t recall is why I chose those particular images – maybe to articulate my wish for unlimited TV time, who knows? I create a few vision boards every year and have started calling them ‘soul boards’ instead – it warms my heart…

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Join me at the 14th annual Yoga Conference in Cologne + raffle

21. Februar 2018

I’ll be dashing over to this year’s Yoga Conference Germany in Cologne again and am already looking forward to it. Last year, it was a blast – I got to see so many familiar faces, meet new people and enjoy great conversations. This year’s progam is particularly interesting to me, as my friend Christina Lobe (Anusara Yoga) and other inspiring women like Rita Keller (Iyengar Yoga), Lucie Beyer…

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Karmalove Yoga blanket “Savasana”// Relax and do good! + Raffle

16. Oktober 2017

Remember those sweet scarves from Karmalove that I wrote about a while back? I always carry one with me – during Yoga practice, while traveling or meditating. I have two of them, and they both still look brand new – couldn’t live without ‘em. Now, Karmalove has produced gorgeous Yoga blankets. I’m wrapped in one as I write this and am totally in love. They’re super high quality and…


Let’s talk about // “We don’t need more new Yoga teachers!”

3. September 2017

Recently, I’ve been coming across articles by zealous Yoga teachers stating that the world doesn’t need more freshly baked colleagues. There are already too many, and so many studios are being forced to close their doors, no one’s making any money, whine, whine, blah blah. Honestly, I can’t hear it anymore. We very well do need more Yoga teachers to follow in the footsteps of those teaching now…


PRACTICE YOU – Elena Brower’s new book + Raffle!

28. August 2017

Following the international acclaim of her Yoga book The Art of Attention, which Elena Brower and Erica Jago co-authored a few years ago, Elena Brower’s new book, PRACTICE YOU – A JOURNAL will be hitting the shelves in the coming days. When I got to sneak-peek at it a few weeks ago during Elena Brower’s visit to Berlin, I almost snuck it out of the event-space. It moved…


Truly making your dreams come true

19. Juni 2017

In April, I wrote about Handel Group co-founder Lauren Zander’s fantastic book *Maybe it’s you. I also shared my experience with said Handel Group’s personal coaching, which I’ve been working with since 2011, and how it’s completely turned my life upside down. In mindful steps, my coach showed me how to lovingly preserve my integrity. How to silence the sometimes-fanatical voice of my inner critic and how to…


Let’s talk about // Living spirituality in the marketplace

6. Mai 2017

I keep coming across articles on social media that preach a fast track to success (and enlightenment!) for Yoga teachers, spiritual bloggers, healers and charlatans. Usually, this includes a complete abandonment of your life: quit your job, your relationship, put your kids in a home. I want to butt in here, in the comments section and scream: “don’t be stupid! No rash decisions!” But I mostly just think…


How Tarot Cards have Enriched my Life

6. April 2017

As a child, I loved to watch my mother read cards for friends and acquaintances. She was quite good, it seemed, and the people she read for were always grateful for her insights. I secretly snuck the cards and the book out of her drawer and tried to understand what the big deal was. The cards seemed dark and ominous, and I didn’t understand much of anything. When…