Madhavi meets life // And then it’s too late

17. November 2018

I’m sitting in the Berlin subway. It smells of stale smoke and cold sweat. I still haven’t gotten used to this perfume after all these years, so I keep some peppermint oil in my bag. I rub it on my palms and, huffing, try to survive the journey. Across from me is an eleven-year-old boy, part of a crew of noisy school kids. Something about him is different…


Madhavi meets life // My „Freak Flag“ and I

20. März 2018

A few days ago, my doorbell rang. I was in the middle of my Kundalini Yoga practice but was expecting a package – so I answered. I was confronted by a film crew, camera pointed at me like a weapon, startling me so badly that my carelessly wrapped turban almost fell off. The people on my doorstep – about five in all – were ridiculously upbeat and yelled…


Madhavi meets life // Stay nice and flexible

25. November 2017

Last Thursday, I landed at New York’s JFK airport. It was a warm fall evening, the last of its kind – the following days it turned bitter cold. I had met Isabel from SODA Books on the plane and we shared a cab to Manhattan. I felt drawn back to New York for several reasons. One of which was that I needed some time and space to write…


Madhavi meets life // A look at the stars

13. Oktober 2017

I feel like a raw egg. Moved. Seen. I close the door behind me, take a deep breath and ask myself why I hadn’t done this sooner – scheduled astrology session with Luisa Hartmann. I’d heard so much about her work, that she’s the best and so on. But from the beginning. I’m 45 minutes late. I hate being late. Silly me, I’d jotted the appointment down an…


Madhavi meets Life // Indian Summer in New York

3. Oktober 2017

I almost didn’t make it through security at the Hamburg airport by basically setting off an explosives alarm. Why? I had a small travel-sized diffuser in my carry-on and had forgotten to take it out before passing through the check-point. Silly me. The diffuser caused a mighty stir with the airport security, the humorless cops that appeared out of nowhere yelling at me not to touch it, it…


Madhavi & Life // What’s coming up these next few weeks

1. September 2017

I’m feeling a bit fidgety these days. The past weeks were breathtaking, truly. Finishing touches on my book Makrobiotik – In Fülle Leben are wrapped up, and it’s ready for print. I can’t wait to finally hold it in my hands in three weeks, and I’m so excited to see what you think! On September 23rd, we’re planning a little launch party here in Berlin, so mark your calendars…


Madhavi & Life // A bit of Adi Shakti never hurts

21. Juli 2017

I wasn’t expecting this. I’m about to collapse and puke my coffee – which I shouldn’t have had right before class – all over my neighbor’s fluffy sheepskin mat. I’m in a Kundalini class with no way out. But more on that below. My last Kundalini class was nine years ago – a while back. 20 minutes later, my water broke and my daughter was born two week…

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