5 reasons every woman should use a menstrual cup

12. September 2017

They’ve been around for a while now, these menstrual cups. Kind of an awkward name, but I’m all about being straight about these sorts of things. Last year, a reader asked me to write something on this topic. I wrinkled my nose a little and wrote back, saying that I’d keep it in mind. But I couldn’t really see it on my blog, to be honest. In retrospect, I wonder why not? Isn’t it important to talk about just these sorts of topics? Yes! And recently, the opportunity presented itself and I was ready to give the menstrual cup a try.

During a spell of boredom while on vacation in Denmark, I watched some Youtube videos on the subject. I wanted to get a sense of how these things work, exactly. Scrolling through countless comments below the videos, I felt my confidence dwindling – but that didn’t last long.

Which size fits best?

While strolling through downtown Copenhagen a few days later, I felt some tell-tale cramping and knew my period was on its way. A perfect chance to try a menstrual cup, I thought. I cheerfully swung by the health food store around the corner and was immediately drawn to OrganiCups smart, inconspicuous but oh-so-smart and sustainable packaging.

I showed both sizes to the lady behind the counter and whispered “if I’ve had two kids I should go for the bigger size, right?” She nodded and I grabbed my wallet. 24 Euro, please and thank you.

Happy and determined, a bit like I’d just bought a snuggly new Acne sweater, I dropped the menstrual cup into my purse.

Who cares about those nay-sayers Youtube, complaining about a massacre? They weren’t going to stop me. We all know how it is: learning by doing – we have to form our own opinions, based on experience. And usually it’s only half as bad as we think.

When I got back, I cheerfully told my husband about my new acquisition and plans. I don’t think many men would be excited about these sorts of details, but I didn’t care – I was much too excited and needed someone to share in my menstrual – joy. And of course, someone to share my experiences with blow-by-blow – haha!

My first time with the menstrual cup

I peeled the little cup out of its packaging, boiled it for a few minutes, and took a trip to the bathroom. As soon as I’d inserted it – first try! – it was rock solid. I was speechless. Why hadn’t I taken the leap sooner? A few hours later and all was well – no leaks. I was curious, so I took the cup out, and it was half-full – my period is quite heavy. I poured the blood into the toilet, washed the cup out thoroughly and reinserted it. No massacre, no inconvenience, all good!

The next few days were smooth sailing as well – I had one instance where the cup was a bit askew, but I felt it straight away. You can also just check your cervix with your fingers to make sure the cup is lined up right – no big deal. But before I put some great reasons for switching to a menstrual cup out there, the following:

I was lucky that my OrganiCup fit perfectly from the get-go. I didn’t have to try any other brands. I’m sure that there are some other great models out there. I also haven’t had to empty my cup while on the go, but just in case I’ve packed some wet-wipes or a small bottle of water. Generally, the cup can stay in for up to 10 hours – so no need to panic.

5 reasons why menstrual cups are great


When I feel my period coming, I pack my cup in the little pouch that it came with, and toss it in my purse. I’m no longer dependent on the availability or purchase of tampons.

The whole experience and feeling of my period has shifted – in a good way! And the cup can stay in for up to 10 hours – maybe longer if it’s not full. Even while practicing Yoga! Total freedom – yeah!

Sustainability and the environment

The menstrual cup can last for years and it doesn’t produce a stream of trash like tampons or pads.


I’ve had to take a deep breath when shelling out for the organic cotton tampons at the health food store. The menstrual cup brings bigtime savings.


I feel so much cleaner with a menstrual cup down there. I honestly can’t imagine it any other way now. Changing it is super easy and, with a bit of practice, efficient as well.

Know your body

I think that we women often feel like we are losing much more blood than we really are during our cycle. The menstrual cup helps to keep this in perspective and gives us a new and much more grounded connection to our bodies and ourselves. I also have to mention that cramps have disappeared since switching, which is a huge relief.

Bottom line: I’m never going back! What a brilliant invention. I truly hope that every woman out there gives it a try – and tries again even if doesn’t work perfectly on the first go. Hopefully it will be completely standard fare for our daughter’s generation to use menstrual cups.

Enter to win one of three menstrual cups!

At the Copenhagen Yoga Festival, I came across a stand for OrganiCups. I had no idea it’s a Danish company. I stood and talked to the ladies there for a while and it was fascinating. Because I want all women to give this try – particularly the rising generation – I am raffling three OrganiCups here. No hassle involved, just leave a comment under the Facebook post corresponding to this article. I’ll randomly select three winners from there (20.9.2017 8pm). (Europe only!)

Good luck!! Recourse to legal action is excluded!!




Madhavi Guemoes
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