dōTERRA orders: a step-by-step guide


So that you too can enjoy dōTERRA’s wonderful essential oils and other products, I’ve written this step-by-step guide on how to register and place an order. It’s actually pretty simple. And I’m so glad to have discovered these oils – as well as dōTERRA’s other products. I can’t imagine life without them. Check out my most recent article about essential oils here.

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How to order from dōTERRA

You can order essential oils and other fine products directly from dōTERRA online. That way you can register for your own account and generally receive your products within 3-5 working days –dōTERRA offers a variety of shipping options.

To keep it simple: it makes sense to create your own account as a ‘wellness advocate,’ as this will allow you to pay wholesale prices – best deal! – and reap other benefits as well.

This is an option even if you plan to order only for personal use!

You’ll benefit from a bunch of great deals this way, in particular discounts between 25%-55%. And there’s no commitment necessary on your end: no minimum purchase or other hidden fine print.

Tip: if your first order with your new ‘wellness advocate’ account includes one of the so-called ‘enrollment-kits’ (these are pre-set collections of oils, like the ‘Family Physician Kit’ which is dōTERRA’s at-home medicine cabinet, including the ten most commonly used oils), then you’ll save the registration fee and you’ll still get a substantial discount on the kit itself! There are other cool kits as well, some even come with a diffuser.

How to register

To begin your registration as an ‘wellness advocate’ step this way please. You’ll be redirected to my page, where you can click Register & Save in the menu up top.

Scroll down and click on join dōTERRA. Don’t worry: no commitment necessary!

Then set the language preferences and which country your future orders will be shipped to. For all European countries, simply click ‘Europe’ in the menu. (If you are ordering from countries outside of the EU, other fields and policies may apply – the description below is intended for those ordering from European countries).

As soon as you’ve selected ‘Europe,’ another selection will appear, allowing you to choose which European country should be used for future orders. Then click ‘Next.’

Entering your personal information

Next comes the screen asking for your personal details.

In the spaces marked ‘primary first name’ and ‘primary last name’ please enter your name. Leave the ‘co-app’ space blank.

In the space marked ‘time zone,’ choose the one that fits your current location, e.g Brussels, Berlin, Rome, Prague (GMT+1:00).

In the section marked ‘contact information,’ be sure to enter your date of birth in the order customary in the US: month – day – year.

You can leave the section marked ‘sponsor ID’ as is: this ensures that I will be your contact and support for any questions that may arise after your registration.

All other steps in the registration should be self-evident. When you’ve completed the form, please click ‘continue.’

Placing your first order

In the next section, it’s time to place your first order!

The upper part of this next screen shows the various ‘enrollment kits’ with different language options. Below that is your shopping cart. You can peruse the dōTERRA catalogue here. Farther down the same screen you can enter your payment information.

dōTERRA charges a one-time registration fee of €20 for all new wellness advocates. In order to add this fee to your invoice, please choose the menu item ‘welcome package & registration fee’ from the ‘favorite registration/ enrollment kits’ menu.

In order to see this package in the list, you may need to scroll a bit to the left or right.

If you want to save on this registration fee (which I highly recommend doing!), you can simply choose one of the other enrollment kits that contain valuable dōTERRA oils for a reduced price.

A good option is the ‘Home Essentials Enrollment Kit,’ for example, which is again a complete medicine cabinet containing 10 of the most commonly used essential oils.

A high-quality diffuser is included in the price. With this kit, which you can only order in the context of your initial registration, you save 92 EUR.

If you want to add further products to your order beyond the obligatory enrollment kit, you can enter the corresponding product descriptions or numbers from the price list (linked up on the order page) or catalogue into your shopping cart.

Now you can choose how you would like your order to be shipped. Standard shipping within the EU costs ca. 7 EUR and takes between 3-5 working days.

As soon as you’ve completed your first order and chosen your preferred shipping method, it’s important to click on the button ‘view totals’ below your shopping cart. (If you add any further items to the cart after this point, click ‘view totals’ again to refresh accordingly).


Final steps and payment

Finally, you have to choose how you want to pay.

Enter your billing address in the proper field (or check the box stating that shipping and billing addresses are the same).

Then choose your preferred method of payment in the menu ‘payment.’ You can choose between the following options:

“Credit card:” if you choose to pay by credit card, you’ll be asked to enter your card information as soon as you’ve clicked on ‘place your order and continue’ at the bottom of the page. Paying by credit card is the fastest way to receive your products, as dōTERRA won’t have to wait to receive payment before shipping.

“Direct debit:” – payment via bank transfer. This is also a fine option, however it will take up to five days longer for your products to reach you, as dōTERRA has to wait a few days after receipt of payment to ensure that you don’t contest the charge to your account.

As soon as you’ve chosen the option ‘direct debit’ in the payment menu, a few fields will appear below for your bank info. Before you can fill these out, you have to re-select ‘direct debit,’ and can then proceed.

Then you’ll enter your given name in ‘account name,’ your IBAN in the marked field, and in the field ‘place’ the BIC for your account. Then check the box ‘agree on E-mandate policy,’ which simply states that you agree to the direct debit mandate.

These policies (which are detailed in the linked document) simply describe that you can return your purchases within 30 days of the purchase date for a full refund of the purchase price, minus shipping and return costs. Then you’ll enter your first and last name in the field ‘enter your full name to indicate acceptance of the terms in the direct debit mandate.’

After you’ve chosen your payment method, you can choose to save your payment information for your next order by clicking the corresponding box.

If you’re finished ordering, you can now click ‘place my order and continue.’

If you forgot to click the ‘view totals’ button (see above), then you’ll get an error message now saying ‘click VIEW TOTALS.’ In this case, you’ll have to do just that and click the ‘view totals’ button and then re-click ‘place my order and continue.’

If you had chosen to pay by credit card, you’ll now be asked for your card information: card number and the verification code from the back of your card. After you’ve entered these info, just click ‘process order’ to complete the process.

Confirmation of your registration and your first order

If all went well, you’ll now see a confirmation of your registration and of your first order on the screen.

You can now choose if you’d like to schedule a so-called ‘loyalty-order’ for the following month (‘yes, let’s set it up!’) or if you’d prefer not to (‘no, I’m done for now’). You can change these preferences later as well.

If you have any questions about your registration with dōTERRA or your first order, then write to me at: madhavi@madhaviguemoes.de

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