My favorite essential oils for November and their effects

25. November 2017

Time is flying, am I right? I’m working hard on setting healthy boundaries and focusing completely on the projects at hand. I’ve been getting up before 5 a.m. every morning and jumping into the cold shower first thing – no exceptions. This way I’m awake and ready to go in a flash. Might sound brutal, but it’s extremely effective.

I manage to get a lot done before my kids wake up this way. In January, I’ll be offering what I hope will be a deep and life-changing program for you – I’ve been working on this as well as my new book. More details about the program coming soon. I’ve been keeping my phone on airplane mode most of the time so that I can stay focused. Every minute spent wisely – I can’t stand wasted time.

I’ve got my essential oils handy at all times and want to introduce some of my favorite little helpers for November. They’ve been working hard, non-stop, alongside me this month.

My favorite essential oils for November

Melaleuca (tea tree oil)

I’ve always used tea tree oil when I needed to treat or prevent an infection, for acne, canker or cold sores, or tick bites. It’s never been my favorite oil, but that’s changed in the past weeks: melaleuca is a fabulous essential oil for setting energetic boundaries, to keep some of that negative junk at arms-length. It also supports us in letting go of toxic or disruptive relationships. It helps me to see more clearly who’s good for me, and who’s draining or only out for their own good. I’ve grown to like the earthy, woody scent. I’ve been mixing it with lavender oil in my diffuser and it smells wonderful. Every couple of hours, I rub a drop or two between my hands and inhale the scent.


If you live in Berlin, you spend about eight months of the year in a grey hole. Particularly the winter can be long and dark with very few hours of sunlight to speak of – it can become a real downer. I was particularly struck after coming home from sunny New York last week. Elevation lifts the spirits with a mixture of lemon balm, lemon myrtle, tangerine, lavandin (known to boost moods), elemi (is said to work as an anti-depressant and soothing to the nerves), ylang-ylang, sandalwood and osmanthus (an intoxicating scent that brings a smile to your face). Elevation smells fresh and helps to raise low vibes (or abolish them altogether) as well as bringing momentum where there was stagnation. It’s a real cheerer-upper that works for me whenever I’m feeling down. I use Elevation in the diffuser or, mixed with a neutral oil, on my heart chakra.


I wrote about lavender last month already, but this oil can just do so much and should never be underestimated. It works to relax and soothe, which is particularly wonderful for our often terribly stressed central nervous system. Lavender supports us in filtering the stimuli of our daily lives. It can help with anxiety, trouble sleeping and stress. I use it mixed with melaleuca in my diffuser, make a bath salt using one tablespoon salt mixed with eight drops lavender oil, mix up a body oil or put it straight on my pillow.

Essential oils are a blessing for me: I think that everyone should get familiar with the possibilities and applications – it makes us more independent and sovereign in looking after ourselves.

P.S., if you’re interested in trying out some of dōTERRA’s essential oils, I wrote a detailed article about how to get started. Have you read my piece about the best essential oils for lightness and clarity ? And to learn which oils to use for supporting your meditation practice, check here.



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Madhavi Guemoes
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