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Ditte Ingemann von The Food Club DK – Interview

16. Februar 2014


Hach, Ditte Ingemann ist einfach fantastisch. Sie ist Autorin und Gründerin des dänischen Food Blogs „The Food Club“. Sie schreibt für verschiedene dänische Magazine, vor allem für „Alt for damerne“ und arbeitet grad an ihrem 2. Kochbuch, das im April veröffentlicht wird. Ich traf die sympathische Dänin in Kopenhagen zum Gespräch……

Ditte, tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Ditte, 33 years old, living in Copenhagen, Denmark with my husband. I have a bachelor degree in health and nutrition, and now working as a freelance foodwriter, stylist and photographer.

You are the owner of the copenhagen food blog „The Food Club“ . When did you start to blog and why?

I started my blog 4 years ago and it started out as a simple archive of images, but I soon found out that I wanted to expand and share my recipes, more pictures and have a dialogue with my readers.


I love your food pictures. You have a fantastic taste. Are you taking them yourself and do you have some tips?

I shoot, style and cook all of my food myself and I really love it. I always try to create an illusion that tells a story in my pictures. I have a lot of tips, but most importantly make sure to shoot in daylight and buy some good props.

IMG_4522 (1)

Your blog is in danish. Any plans to go international?

Wish i had plans, but I also respect that a lot of my loyal readers are danish, and of course that i’m more comfortable writing in my native language. It is definitely something i’m considering some time in the future though.


What is your favourite ingredient to work with?

I love styling and shooting salads – vegetables and herbs are so easy to make pretty.

Do you have a  favourite dish to make?

I must admit that I love my own homemade pizza with my delicious cabbage salad on the side.  In my house it’s almost become a tradition to have pizza on sundays, but I could eat it any day of the week.


Best seasonal Foods for february?

I will be making a lot of salad with different kinds of cabbage – I just love raw salads mixed with nuts and a good tasty dressing. I will also be making spicy curries with pumpkin, chili and lots of ginger.

What is your fave Restaurant or Bar in Copenhagen?

There are so many good places in Copenhagen, but I have a really difficult time picking just one fave. The meatpacking district and Torvehallerne, which both features a lot of great places to eat, are must-tries if you come around Copenhagen.


Tell us about your books. Did you plan to write them or did it just happen? When will your new book be published (iam curious…)

You might say it just happend as the largest publication house in Denmark, Gyldendal, came to me with the idea of teaming up and make a book. But actually Gyldendal came to me because of the work I’ve been doing on my blog. We decided to make a book about salads, Salater fra The Food Club, with more than 80 colorful recipes, which got published last year. Since then I have published my very own e-book about breakfast, which I’m selling directly from the blog. In April my next book will be out and it will be a cake and dessert book, though all the recipes are healthy and made without sugar and plain flour. I’m so excited about this book and I can wait to see the final result.


Your obsession of  the moment?

At the moment I have two obsessions – Instagram and spicy food.


Beautifying Snack/Meal?

Nuts are my number one – I eat a lot af them because they help my skin stay pretty and healthy (I hope).  I like plain nuts, but sometimes I make granola bars with lots a nuts and other super foods.


What are 5 things on your Bucket List, personal or professional?

I only got 4 left, as I already got my first cookbook published. It has been a dream for as long as I can remember. Now my ultimate goal is to have 10 books published and have them translated to different languages, which leaves the list down to 2.


I also have a dream about eating my way through the world and maybe on my way I could sit down and have dinner with Jamie Oliver – I think he is very inspiring and I really respect all the work he’s doing involving kids and his focus on eating well and fighting obesity.

Tak, Ditte ♥










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  • seasonette2
    17. Februar 2014 at 10:54

    Interessantes Interview und ein wirklich toller Food-Blog. Schade, dass es ihn zur Zeit nur in Dänisch gibt – aber die wunderschönen Fotos machen auch ja Spaß, wenn man den Text nicht versteht 🙂

    Liebe Grüße

  • Denise
    3. Januar 2016 at 12:02

    Wunderschönes Interview!

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