Soulspiration // Three keys to greater success

15. März 2018

Success is defined differently for each of us – for me, it has to do with harnessing my sometimes-dictatorial mind enough that I don’t get in my own way. When I am successful, I manage to trick my mind, to stay productive and on the ball. I transcend my comfort zone daily, realizing my ideas, my passions and getting ahead. This doesn’t mean that I take giant leaps…


Soulspiration // Appreciation – How to let go of deficiency

22. September 2017

Every day, we meet people who inspire, who warm our hearts, who give or teach us something about ourselves or our life. This might be totally normal for us – perhaps we even take it for granted, especially in the world of social media, where being uplifting is a matter-of-course. Recently, I’ve recommitted to showing my appreciation actively for those who move me, taking the time to show…


Soulspiration // Stop getting in your own way

22. August 2017

Often, when I’m high above the clouds, en-route to somewhere in a plane, I begin having existential thoughts. I start to question myself, my life, my decisions – which I do regularly, but somehow the feeling is more intense when I’m in an airplane. Meditating comes more easily as well. One of my recent flights was incredibly turbulent from start to landing, prompting me to check for the…


Soulspiration // Why it’s important to invest time into your spiritual practice

11. Juli 2017

I often hear from readers, and even from Yoga teachers, that they’re struggling to find time for their own spiritual practice. They’d rather pass out in front of Neflix at night. Sure, I’ve also found it easier – the times are changing. Global events seem to exhaust us, to literally beat us down. Open any newspaper and you’ll find yourself inundated with negativity and terror, not to mention…


Enneagram // Discovering the richness within

1. Juli 2017

Last summer, I wrote about a book by A.H. Almaas which has become a sort of Bible for me. I promised to write more about the Enneagram and its lessons soon, and now a year has flown by – but I haven’t forgotten! Working with the Enneagram is very important for me. It has helped me to understand my many tics and facets these past 15 years, as…


Soulspiration // How to keep calm in daily life

13. Juni 2017

We all know those moments when it’s suddenly all too much. Often, we’re a bit late in recognizing that a change is overdue. These past months, I’ve reconnected to the knowing that I can achieve much more if I focus and cultivate calm. Slow down in order to then leap ahead with power. Reconnect to my vitality. I’m a daily people watcher. On the train, in the street.…


5 things I stay away from

22. Mai 2017

I’d say that I spend most of my days cheerfully skipping around. This is because I’m painstakingly conscious about what gets into my life and what doesn’t. It’s quite a bit of work, requiring a good dose of mindfulness as well. Don’t get me wrong: my life isn’t made up of rose-colored moments. But I love lightness. And lightness, fragile as it is, wants to be constantly cultivated…


Why journaling is meditation

21. April 2017

I’ve been journaling again for the past few days. I used to be a dedicated diary-writer, but stopped at some point. Though I jot things down here and there every day, I’ve realized that keeping an actual journal is quite lovely. My daughter reminded me – she puts her thoughts down on paper every evening. Thoughts – uncensored! I keep my journal wild, jotting down the chaos in…


Let’s talk about // No more guilty conscience!

22. März 2017

We all experience different phases in our lives. Some want to save the world and are chasing success or enlightenment while others are currently glued to the tube with screaming infants at their breast, praying for the speedy return of their old life. Then there are those who write about their spiritual morning practice – and everyone pukes. That’s what I did a few months back – write…


Soulspiration // Why resting is a sign of self-love

13. Januar 2017

One day in the week should be reserved for resting. Our lives are incredibly overloaded – so many impressions and endless possibilities which consume our attention and energy on a daily basis. If our mind has no space to rest, it becomes difficult to find clarity. We become irritable, burned out and start trespassing our own boundaries from fatigue. Taking a break is a true sign of self-love,…


Fünf inspirierende Podcasts für den Sommerurlaub

25. Juli 2016
Spirituelle Podcasts

Endlich Sommer! Wer sich wie ich am Strand oder auf einer saftigen Wiese gern von einem Podcast berieseln lässt, dem habe ich jetzt mal eine kleine Liste von Podcasts zusammengetragen, die ich empfehlenswert finde. Ich höre Podcasts über Spiritualität oder Nachhaltigkeit wahnsinnig gern, sie sind inspirierend, interessant und abwechslungsreich.…

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