Macrobiotic summer salad with quinoa, lentils and shiitake

26. Juli 2017

I’ll admit that after we finally finished the photo shooting for my cook book, I was totally fed up with cooking and creating recipes. Today, I woke up ready to create something new. Right now, I need to make sure that I don’t pop: I just ate the entire contents of the bowl pictured above. You can enjoy this macrobiotic summer salad warm or cold – both delicious.…


Strawberry Slivers – my favorite macrobiotic treat for summer

22. Juni 2017

Today I’ll share with you one of my favorite macrobiotic sweets for summertime: strawberry slivers. They’re delicious, healthy, fill you up and are made in no time. And they contain almost no calories, in case that’s important. Strawberry slivers are made from just three ingredients: agar-agar, apple juice and strawberries. Nothing else. Of course, you can substitute blueberries or any other fruit, but fresh, juicy strawberries always knock…


Cookie Dough Dessert – the healthy way to indulge

9. Februar 2017

My mother has always baked delicious cakes. Effortlessly, she created gorgeous pastries, cakes and desserts. As a child, I always hung around the kitchen, waiting to scrape the dough and batter rests from bowls and utensils. A healthier alternative is the cookie dough dessert that’s the latest craze in New York at the moment. This is a guilt-free indulgence: healthy, doesn’t contain refined sugar, and tastes amazing. Last…


8 Macrobiotic Drinks to Know and Love

17. Januar 2017

Many macrobiotic drinks are very nourishing and satisfying for me. They support my physical and mental wellbeing and help me to stay centered. Some work to detoxify while others are soothing or strengthen heart and liver, yet others work to fight lethargy and tiredness. I’ve been successfully using macrobiotic drinks as home remedies for years now. When I’ve got a cold or a flu, I make a kuzu…


schnell + leicht | Makrobiotischer Sommersalat

24. Juni 2016
makrobiotischer sommersalat

In Berlin herrscht zur Zeit eine Affenhitze. Bei so einem Kaiserwetterchen liebe ich nichts mehr als einen wohlschmeckenden Salat. Mein makrobiotischer Sommersalat ist super schnell hergestellt und eine schöne Alternative zu den herkömmlichen Salaten. Er schmeckt irre gut, bringt Ausgeglichenheit und macht vor allem satt!…


Chia Pudding: Drei Knaller-Rezepte

24. Januar 2015
Chia Pudding

Chia Pudding ist eine wunderbare Alternative zum knochentrockenem Brötchen am Morgen vom Bäcker nebenan. Hier könnt ihr nachlesen, warum plötzlich alle ganz wild nach Chia Samen sind. Chia Pudding ist unfassbar gesund, einfach und schnell zubereitet, wenn man die Samen schon vorher fleißig eingeweicht hat.…

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